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ESSENTIAL OILS - feuille(s)

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Essential oil blend.

Using only the best quality essential oils, feuille(s), meaning leaves in French, have been created to uplift your mind.


Use it in the morning or during the day to give yourself a boost of energy and creativity.


Shinrin-yoku consists of the experience to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the forest. However, it is not always easy nowadays to be in touch with true nature, so Hangar South decided to bring it to you in the collection Bain de forêt, which means shinrin-yoku in French.


Use a couple of drops on your ROCKS, PEDESTALS or DIFFUSING STONES to enjoy the fresh and relaxing scent of the blend of essential oils exclusively made by hangar south.

We have developed 3 blend/perfumes and all 3 have the same spirit in conjunction with the Shinrin Yoku practice in mind.

Available in 15 ml and 30 ml and a 10 ml Roll-on.

Key Ingredients

marjoram oil (origanum marjorana), basil oil (ocimum basilicum), sweet fennel oil (foeniculum vulgare dulce), rosalina oil (melaleuca ericifolia), cedar leaf oil (thuja occidentalis)

ESSENTIAL OILS - feuille(s)

ESSENTIAL OILS - feuille(s)