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Welcome to our first in-person experience.

Carefully designed by the founder and their spouse, the perfumer of the brand, the atelier-boutique is located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, a neighbourhood like no other, one of the most creative place to be in Canada.

Ideally located on Berri Street between Mont-Royal and Laurier metro stations, the unique creative space is on the ground floor of a building built in 1900, embracing the imperfections of the original wood floors and brick walls to create a raw display for the exclusive products.

Each piece of furniture and lighting fixtures of the atelier-boutique are carefully manufactured specifically in Quebec, using local designers: Baillarel, Luminaire Authentik and more. We made a small exception to that by selecting a magnificent chair by designer Nieves Contreras for Expormim.

The vibrant design of the atelier-boutique draws inspiration from the essence of the brand: organic and slick. Through neutral colors (black, white and variations of brown and beige) and using materials from nature (wood, linen, metal, marble), the volume is designed to offer a zen contact to the public with the brand.

Quand deux esprits créatifs se rencontrent! 

Come visit us from Wednesday to Saturday.

4695 Berri Street


Mika & Dom

Who We Are

hangar south came to life in the beautiful region of the Eastern Townships, Canada. Our name comes from a very simple equation : location + the street name of our atelier.

While working in our hangar (fancy term for garage), I came to the realization that I absolutely had to share how I overcame anxiety and my magic tricks to diminish stress. If I could at least help one human in the process, it would all be worth it.

hangar south is a team effort with my life partner, film director and perfumer, Dominic Goyer (he/him).

I want to create a safe space to open the dialogue on mental health. Embark on this journey with us. My first advice : the best moment to get help is NOW. You are one of the lucky few who don’t suffer from anxiety? Become an ally and learn about mental health.

- Michaël G-C (them-they-he-him)

What We Do

hangar south is an inclusive company that is all about wellness and self care, done the right way : by focusing on inner beauty and strenght.

Our main goal is to promote wellness in all of its forms by focusing on holistic solutions to alleviate the effects of stress and anxiety. We also have the mission to eradicate stigmas about mental health, race, identity, gender, gender identity, social status and more. We do that by talking about it frankly without filters.

We create wellness products in Canada. Most of our production is made in the province of Quebec. We stricly use organic, health concious and sustainable materials and ingredients.

We believe in offering a curated list of products and a blog that will both help us to go back to our senses and make all of us more human.

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Bain de Forêt

Our first collection of luxury olfactory creations invites to a feeling of calmness and the creation of a meditative space.

We carefully handcrafted each product to ensure efficiency and high quality.