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Who We Are

hangar | south came to life in the beautiful Eastern Townships region in Canada. Our name comes from a very simple equation inspired by our creative workshop: type of place + street name. We started in our hangar behind our house on South Street.

hangar | south is a team effort between Mika Giroux-Cassivi, executive in finance and Dominic Goyer, film director and perfumer.

What We Do

We create wellness products in Canada. Most of our production is made in the province of Quebec. We stricly use organic, health concious and sustainable materials and ingredients.

hangar | south is an inclusive company that is all about wellness and self care, done the right way : by focusing on inner beauty and strenght.

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Bain de Forêt

Our first collection of luxury olfactory creations invites to a feeling of calmness and the creation of a meditative space.

We carefully handcrafted each product to ensure efficiency and high quality.