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What are Family Constellations?

What are Family Constellations?

Since the release on Netflix of the series “Anotherself”, the interest for people to make their constellation has taken on a craze. It was with pleasure that I accepted Hangar South's invitation to talk to you about Family Constellations.

My name is Rosa Pisano, Psychotherapist, Certified NLP Professional Coach (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), NLP Teacher, International Trainer, Family Constellation Facilitator and Author of Divine Birth.

I will start by telling you that we do not only carry our own wounds, we often unconsciously carry, out of love and loyalty, the memories of wounds or unresolved conflicts belonging to our ancestors and which will influence our current life without our knowledge.

This phenomenological method was created by Bert Hellinger, born in 1925. Pastor at the end of the war, he was sent to South Africa among the Zulus. He will spend 20 years observing the Zulus making prayers, offerings, homages to their ancestors to benefit from their benevolence necessary to have positive repercussions in their lives. During worship, forgotten ancestors are integrated through rituals so that everyone is in their rightful place and they rest in peace, thus allowing their descendants to benefit too.

This method inspired by Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and NLP is a process of peace because it cleans the memories that have remained suffering to bring healing and reconciliation in the family system.


Where does the name family constellation come from?

Every form of life in the Universe has a unique place. If a star in the cosmos is no longer in its place, it will create an imbalance. It's the same in families, if someone is not in their place, it will create an imbalance and bring suffering to the system.

To make your family constellation is to "put the family in space".

Knowing the family history allows you to know if you are replaying the fate of a family member or to know who you are loyal to. We believe we have free will while we are bound by fears, beliefs , sufferings which in fact do not belong to us.

The purpose of the constellations is to shed light where there is unconsciousness and to identify, restore what belongs to our transgenerational and that we carry out of love and loyalty to our ancestors. The strength of the system can push us to imitate destinies that are not our own, or to give up our own happiness for love or loyalty to our roots.


How does a family constellation workshop work?

The workshop is made up of people who come as Constellants and others as Representatives. 

The constellant is the person who comes to make his constellation to work on an issue that he has in his life. This can be in the love, family, professional sphere or in connection with health, money or other problems...

Representatives are people who participate in the workshop to be of service to the constellation of the constellation. The constellation will choose people to represent members of its family or a problem (money, illness, fear, resource, objective, etc.) in its constellation.

The constellant will place the reps in the room the way they view their system. Then the representatives will begin to enter their role and will express their feelings, their thoughts, their sufferings. This is what will release the emotions that led the descendants to repeat the destiny of the ancestors.

In a workshop of family constellations, each person finds his account, even the representatives, because no matter the scenario of our lives, all human suffering revolves around the same conflicts. All participants can take advantage of it to free themselves from their suffering because they resonate with the story of the other. And what allows the workshops to be so liberating is that an atmosphere of benevolence, love and respect is established between the participants, allowing healing and reconciliation in complete safety. 

Perhaps I would have the pleasure of seeing you in my workshops…

Rosa Pisano


For any information: contact me by email at: coaching@rosapisano.com




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  • La constellation familiale est une approche que j’ai vécue comme constellant et aussi comme représentant, avec Rosa Pisano, lors de sa visite au Maroc, il y’a quelques années. Avec sa touche magique, Rosa a su mettre le point sur les relations à transformer avec respect, compassion et acceptation. Les relations familiales deviennent fluides et source d’énergie alors qu’elles contenaient des blocages et des frustrations.
    Une expérience que je n’hésiterai pas à revivre.

    Hafid Abounouh on

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Our collaborator Rosa Pisano

Certified NLP Professional Coach (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), NLP Teacher,
International Trainer and Author of Divine Birth.